She Tried to Stick Her Head Into My Car to Beg For Help But She Wanted to Show me Something Else

I came across a mother dog today while strolling down the street on a deserted route. She was viewing all the cars from where she was standing by the side of the road.

Fearful is the mother dog. She requested help. There was no stopping. I remember being shocked when I first met her. To look at my car, she implored me. The sewage included her children.

They’ve only been born a few days. Rain is forecast, which poses a serious threat. They’ll get wet and chilly and may not survive if we don’t save them soon.

Reuniting her family with the shelter took us more than an hour.

Pretty adorable, three puppies are sound asleep. No harm comes to her or her three puppies. She recently adopted two puppies, but unfortunately, these two puppies have now died.

I address her as Maria. The dog named Maria is very adorable and kind. Her three biological children and her two adopted children receive good care from her.

Puppies are growing 25 days later. They can receive immunizations now that they are two months old. Rafael, left to right, Donatello, and Leonardo.

They are very kind people. Their favorite activities are playing, tanning, and eating.