Ronaldo and the dogs.. an endless love story

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese football star and historic Real Madrid scorer, has been known for his love of dogs since his days as a Manchester United player.

Ronaldo, who was known for his love of doing good works off the field and crushing opponents on the green lawn, has a long love affair with animals, notably dogs.The 39-year-old goalkeeper traveled from his native Portugal to England, then Spain, and eventually Italy, but his pastime, or love, remained.

How did the story start?

Ronaldo acknowledged his affection for dogs and his past ambition to buy a puppy while playing for Manchester United in a video he released ten years ago (2003-2009).

“I have always loved dogs, but owning a dog in Manchester was difficult,” Ronaldo explained, explaining that “the weather was quite cold, and my accommodation was not ideal for this topic.”

Cristiano Ronaldo loves dogs.

The situation has changed.The old Manchester problem no longer exists as Cristiano Ronaldo’s wealth grows and he has more than a gorgeous property with all he desires.

Ronaldo has a Labrador puppy named Maruska since his relationship with Russian beauty Irina Shayk from 2010 to 2015.

Ronaldo has a dog named “Abelhinha” and a golden Labrador retriever named “Bobby Moore” in honor of Manchester United great Bobby Moore.

Cristiano Ronaldo loves puppy

Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez of Spain, stated earlier that she had purchased a new dog.

Georgina posted images of the new dog, a Chinese dog named Antonia, on her official Instagram account, with the caption, “His name is Antonia, or not Tony as friends call him.”

Ronaldo is tense. 5 spots highlight the other side of the Portuguese legend Ronaldo’s affection for dogs, as the Portuguese newspaper Correiro de Manha reported in February 2017 that Ronaldo gave a signed shirt for auction to raise funds for 80 Portuguese puppies.A dog breeder, Liliana Santos, commended Ronaldo for this significant effort, which helped collect medicine and food for a large number of canines in Ronaldo’s native country.