The owner’s callous prison and long-term cruelty that hurt the souls of innocent animals makes it heartbreaking to look at

Little Tres was a puppy who had to endure unimaginable cruelty at such a young age. His four legs were brutally tied, leaving deep wounds and scars, with one paw peeled off, exposing his bones and metacarpals. The poor pup was posted for rescue for six long days until someone finally took notice. Thankfully, a kind-hearted individual, who couldn’t bear to see the young puppy suffer, planned to rescue him.

When the rescuer saw Tres, the dog was already pale, and the infection was severe. One paw was only bones and metacarpals, and all four legs had deep wounds around the lower legs. The puppy’s stress levels were so high that the vet could not do a blood test, and the mucous membrane was ghostly pale. It was clear that Tres needed immediate medical attention.

On the fifth day, Tres was still struggling with the injuries inflicted on him. One of his feet was skinned whole, leaving only bones of his paws and fingers. Some of the wounds were healing well, but others had muscle and skin tissues torn off, exposing his bones. The vets gave him special meds for tissue regeneration, and while his fever was not as high anymore, he was still responding to medication.

Day eight saw Tres losing one foot, with three more nearly lost. His body temperature was still unstable, going up and down. But despite all the pain and suffering, Tres drew strength from hearing the rescuer’s voice and knowing that he was being cared for. On day 24, Tres’s condition remained precarious, and the rescuer asked for prayers for him. His right leg was at risk of being lost, and the paw was swollen.

But despite the challenges, Tres was a fighter. He underwent daily wound cleansing and treatment, and slowly but surely, his wounds began to heal. Although there were moments of anxiety and worry, Tres never gave up. He fought to live and bounced back, thanks to the love and care he received.

Finally, after 38 days of grueling treatment, Tres made a full recovery. He was able to walk and run like other dogs, and he found a loving home with the rescuer. It was a testament to his strength and resilience that he survived such a harrowing journey. Tres deserved all the happiness he could get, and it was heartwarming to see him transform into a happy and healthy dog.